ElectionStats is a unique publishing platform and a searchable database of elections, ballot questions, and voter turnout statistics. Most election authorities around the US fail to publish election-related information online in a data-driven way. Their typical approach is to post a list of links to various PDF reports after each election. This makes it nearly impossible for journalists, scholars, and the general public to search and sort past election results in a flexible way, or to see long-term trends to better understand the civic health of that jurisdiction.

ElectionStats is the first product of its kind designed to bring together contests, candidates, ballot questions, and voter registration/turnout statistics into one consolidated historical archive to provide the public with unprecedented civic intelligence. The public database is seamlessly branded to match the look and feel of the election authority’s existing website. The application’s secure administrative back-end seamlessly integrates with the election authority’s existing workflow and election management system (EMS). Once a new election is certified, elections staff can simply import a data file from their existing EMS, and in a few clicks, publish all new contests, ballot questions, candidates, and voter registration/turnout statistics to the online archive.

While ElectionStats is designed for use by government offices such as the Secretary of State, Board of Elections, County Clerk, or Municipal Clerk; it can also be used by media and academic institutions who are interested in offering authoritative election statistics under their banner.

To see ElectionStats in action, visit our current sites in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Virginia.

To learn more, visit the ElectionStats website or email us at info@civerasoftware.com.